NACE is proud to be supporting the Great School Libraries campaign, launched in September 2018 to raise awareness about the importance and impact of great school libraries and librarians for all learners. In this blog post, Alison Tarrant, CEO of the School Library Association (SLA) invites NACE members to join the campaign by sharing inspiring examples from their own schools…
As part of the Great School Libraries campaign, we’re collecting data to illustrate the real nature of modern school libraries – how many there are, what they do, the many ways in which they support teachers and learners. School libraries are formed by their school’s context, and we’re keen to showcase the diversity and nuance of the activities school libraries across the nation are involved in.
To this end, we are collecting case studies to help us share real-life examples and stories, both to inform those unfamiliar with school libraries and to inspire those who are. All schools are welcome to submit case studies showing how their school library has impacted on teaching and learning and/or contributed to the strategic goals of the school.
NACE member schools in particular are invited to contribute examples showing how school libraries and librarians are supporting provision for more able learners and raising aspirations for all.

How to submit a case study

To submit a case study for the Great School Libraries campaign, complete this form and return it via email ( with the subject line “Great School Libraries case study”. An example case study and additional resources are available to download from the campaign website.
You may wish to focus on:
  • A club run by your school library
  • Displays that widen knowledge and promote discussion of unfamiliar topics
  • Information literacy – being taught, skills sessions, research projects, assemblies
  • Extended Project Qualification or Higher Project Qualification – how is the librarian involved in these? What value does it add?
  • Library lessons – reading at the heart of the curriculum, activities at your school, how these stretch/enhance teaching and learning
  • Outings and extracurricular activities organised by your school librarian
  • A lesson that has been co-developed and/or co-taught with your librarian

​How case studies will be used

Submitted case studies will be reviewed with a view to identifying themes – adding rich evidence to our belief that school libraries make an important contribution to learning and outcomes. Case studies may be published on the Great School Libraries website to help spread best practice and inspiration across the education community.
Case studies can be submitted anonymously if wished.
For additional support, contact Barbara Band, Chair of the Great School Libraries Data Group (SLDG): / 078 6663 3011
To sign up for regular updates on the campaign, click here.

Alison Tarrant is the Chief Executive of the School Library Association (SLA), and a Bookseller Rising Star 2018. She previously worked as a school librarian, and was on the Honour List for the School Librarian of the Year in 2016, as well as serving as a trustee for the SLA.

The SLA is committed to supporting everyone involved with school libraries, offering training and resources to promote high-quality reading and learning opportunities for all. Launched this year, the Great School Libraries campaign is a three-year campaign dedicated to raising the profile of school libraries. Find out more here, or contact Alison.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019