Chris Jones, Director of Corporate Strategy at Ofsted, shares an update for the NACE community on the results of the consultation on proposed changes to the education inspection framework.
Earlier this month we published the outcome of our consultation on a new education inspection framework. I’m really pleased to say that around three-quarters of parents, teachers and headteachers supported our plans to focus on the real substance of education, the curriculum.
We have introduced three new inspection judgements alongside leadership and management: “quality of education”, “behaviour and attitudes”, and “personal development”. These changes are good news for all pupils, including the most able. At their heart is ensuring that all schools focus on giving children the education they deserve.
Through the new "quality of education" judgement inspectors will look at what is learned through the curriculum, how well it is taught and assessed, and the impact it has on learners. In practice, this means we will be spending less time looking at tests and exam data, and instead considering how schools have achieved their results through a broad, rich curriculum and real learning, rather than teaching to the test and exam cramming.
The “behaviour and attitudes” judgement will assess whether leaders are creating a calm and orderly environment, where bullying is tackled effectively by leaders when it occurs. The “personal development” judgement will recognise what schools do to build young people’s resilience and confidence in later life, including through participation in sport, music and extracurricular activities.
Together, these changes will make it easier for Ofsted to recognise and reward early years providers, schools and colleges that are doing the best they can for their pupils, particularly those working in challenging circumstances.
I want to thank all organisations and individuals that took time to tell us what they think about the proposals – the consultation has had the biggest response in Ofsted’s history. The new inspection regime will take effect from September this year.
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Friday, May 17, 2019