The NACE Challenge Framework is currently being updated for the 2017-18 academic year. To express your interest in ordering the revised framework, please send an email to with the subject line “Revised Challenge Framework”. We will contact you as soon as the revised edition is available.

The NACE Challenge Award Framework  
School improvement and national recognition for
 high quality provision and practice for your more able.

“What started as a targeted programme to drive standards for our more able & talented learners, has
ended up providing us with a platform to enrich and extend every child’s school experiences. It has also
given us the ambition to continue to think outside the box and set the highest expectations for our whole
school community."

                                                                                     Adam Raymond - Assistant Headteacher, Pencoed Primary School

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Please note, the NACE Challenge Award Framework is issued in electronic format

The NACE Challenge Award Framework has been used by over 10,000 schools to:

  • review the scope and quality of what they are doing for their most able pupils in a context of challenge and high standards for all
  • plan for improvements for provision within their school improvement cycle
  • work towards gaining a prestigious award for their work with the more able
In autumn 2014 the NACE Challenge Award Framework was revised and updated.*

Key features
  • The CAF consists of 8 mutually supportive and inter-related Elements which together describe quality provision and learning for more able pupils based on the best evidence available
  • Each Element is supported by objective criteria and suggested evidence of what constitutes effective provision
  • The 8 Elements combine to help schools to improve provision and challenge for all abilities and specifically to meet the needs of the more able
  • Supporting documents give guidance in and examples of how to evaluate teaching and learning, evidence gathering against the NACE Challenge Award criteria and guidance for secondary school subject departments.
Whatever your stage of development in provision and practice for the more able, the NACE Challenge Award Framework offers a framework for school self-review and improvement for all schools.  This can be accompanied by planned tailored support from quality assured professionals with expertise in the education of the more able and whole school improvement.   Please click here for further information on the NACE Challenge Award Framework packages available exclusively to NACE members.  

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* If your school purchased the previous version of the NACE Challenge Award Framework after September 2012, you should have automatically received a revised Framework.  For any queries regarding this, contact 

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