Member opportunity: become an NRICH maths ambassador – free CPD

NRICH director Ems Lord outlines a new opportunity for NACE members to develop their approach to supporting more able mathematicians, with access to free CPD, resources and networking. Read on to find out how your school could participate…
NACE partner NRICH is seeking NACE member schools to collaborate in exploring approaches to develop confident and competent maths problem solvers.  

What does “challenge in the everyday classroom” look like?

What does "challenge in the everyday classroom" look like? This is the question which inspired NACE’s popular seminar series, “Challenge in the everyday classroom”, led by experienced education practitioner, adviser and author Sue Mordecai.

Now in its third year, the series is suitable for teachers, school leaders and more able coordinators, and is offered at both primary and secondary levels. Each one-day workshop focuses on strategies to ensure all learners are effectively challenged and supported, across all areas of ability and all key stages.

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