10 killer questions for science departments

Published earlier this term (exclusively available to NACE members), the NACE Essentials guide to realising the potential of more able learners in GCSE science offers guidance for science leaders and teachers seeking to improve the quality of challenge in their lessons. In this excerpt, guide author Ed Walsh shares 10 “killer questions” all science departments should consider when reviewing provision for those capable of attaining the highest grades in the subject.

The curriculum: the substance of education – Ofsted update

How can we ensure all young people have access to a broad and rich curriculum? In this blog post for the NACE community, Chris Jones, Ofsted Research and Evaluation Deputy Director, shares an update on Ofsted’s curriculum thematic review.
Recently, the curriculum has been high on the agenda at Ofsted. Over the past 18 months, our Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, has placed great emphasis on understanding how we can make sure that all children have access to a broad and rich curriculum.

5 ways to challenge and engage learners in MFL

Earlier this year, NACE member and Challenge Award holder The Broxbourne School was named one of nine schools selected to lead regional language hubs across England, supporting the new Centre of Excellence for Modern Languages. In this blog post, MFL teacher Alison Pateman shares some of the school’s keys to success in promoting the study of and high attainment in modern languages.

5 stages of the “Learning Pit” for more able learners

We all know learning is impossible without mistakes, but how do you help your students understand the process of learning? Cathy Metcalf, Year 5 teacher at St Mary's RC Primary School, outlines the five stages of the “Learning Pit” approach – highlighting particular benefits and challenges for more able learners along the way…

“It is better to know how to learn than to know.” – Dr Seuss

6 signs your school library is meeting the needs of all learners

Is your school library the chosen enclave of a select few, or does it truly cater for, challenge and engage all learners? Ahead of Libraries Week (8-13 October 2018), Alison Tarrant, Chief Executive of the School Library Association, shares six signs your school library is getting it right…

1. There are (almost) as many people as books 


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